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Belfast is full of great places to eat. We've put together some of our favourites from the Mandela Hall vicinity to help you choose. They are a mix of dine-in and takeaway options. 


This is our favourite Thai restaurant in Belfast. It's a ten minute walk from the venue and offers both sit-in and takeaway options. 



It's not just about the Pizzas (which are amazing) but the incredible salads and small plates. They have takeaway and sit-in options. They don't take dinner bookings but will make an exception for Mandela Hall, if booked well in advance. 



Boojum is a hugely popular Mexican Burrito bar with a restaurant close to Mandela Hall. There are takeaway or sit-in options. 



This nearby Japanese restaurant has a menu longer than a Sunday mass and is incredibly popular. They offer dine-in and takeaway options.


BaoBun Streetfood

Located on the bustling Botanic Avenue, Baobun serves up authentic Taiwanese streetfood. It has the option of dine-in, but space is limited, so we recommend takeaway. 


French Village

Always busy, French Village serves up every meal between breakfast and dinner, alongside an incredible array of pastries and cakes that are baked in house.  Their takeaway deli is a great place to pick up a selection of ready-made and custom sandwiches and wraps during the day. 


Maggie Mays

A great option for breakfast, lunch or dinner, Maggie Mays serves up the best of British food (yeah, yeah - don't laugh, it's actually really good). If you want to treat yourself to a traditional Ulster Fry, call in here. 



Can you guess what they specialise in? This dine-in/takeaway restaurant is just over 5 mins from the venue and serves up a delicious, healthy and fully veggie menu.


Holohan's Pantry

Want to try some authentic Irish cuisine? Check out this lovely dine-in restaurant just around the corner. Spoiler: there will be potatoes. 


Deanes at queens

Maybe you're feeling fancy and want to push the boat out? Deanes at Queens is run by Michelin starred Chef Michael Deane. It's only a stone throw away from Mandela Hall, so you probably won't have time to walk it off, but the food is superb.

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