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11 May 2024




Storm Clouds Gather

There are few great bands on our planet that you can infallibly identify within the first few bars of one of their songs. Their unique melodic skill, their tasteful instrumentation, the right balance of depth and catchiness, and then of course that charismatic voice: Magnum are Magnum! 

The hard rock legends have been around since 1972, although at that time they certainly had no idea that they would become truly legendary. Singer Bob Catley and guitarist Tony Clarkin founded a rock band in the city of Birmingham. It was the time of hard rock bands like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple or Led Zeppelin and so the hard rock map was extended by another band. With albums like “Vigilante”, “Wings of Heaven“ and “On a Storyteller’s Night” Magnum created hard rock classics of and unusual depth and scope. Bob Catley and Tony Clarkin are still in the game more than 50 years later and are now back on tour together with their comrades-in-arms. They will be bringing to the road a selection of their hits and fan favourites, plus NEW music from their latest, 23rd studio album “Here Comes the Rain” 


There can be no doubt about it: the new album sees the Magnum line-up consisting of Catley, Clarkin, keyboardist Rick Benton, bassist Dennis Ward and drummer Lee Morris once again succeed in creating an outstandingly colourful, varied and inspired new studio album. “Everyone played their part without me dictating anything,” Clarkin enthuses, “everyone just instinctively played what their inspiration told them.” It’s a good thing that these superb musicians can rely on their intuition!


Here Comes the Rain will be out on Steamhammer/SPV from 12 January 2024 on CD + DVD, double vinyl LP, as a box set and for digital download.


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