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26 Jul 2024





Tara Breen, Pádraig Rynne & Jim Murray

“Jiggy’s music is a riot of colours and sounds, an explosive mix of traditional Irish music and contemporary global beats that will leave you breathless and exhilarated” – FolkWorld Magazine

Jiggy continue the tradition of their musical ancestors while bringing a whole new exotic flavour to the table, more of a collective than an orthodox band. Their mercurial line up mixes and melds Irish traditional music, world rhythms and cutting-edge dance grooves to bring an electrifying energy to the stage. Full of natural charisma, the audience in drawn in to create a sense of unity and celebration.

The band’s musicianship is undeniable, with each member showcasing impressive skills on their respective instruments. The band’s arrangements are complex and thoughtfully crafted, highlighting the strengths of each individual musician while also working together to create a cohesive sound. With their debut album reaching #1 in the World Music Charts across the globe, the band have gained a worldwide audience and are now in high demand.

It’s impossible not to feel the joy and passion emanating from the stage during a Jiggy performance.

“Jiggy are best served live and would be a shoe in for any one of those huge summer Celtic festivals on the continent. Play Hypernova loud at your next family sundown barbecue, it’s a sizzler” – Irish Music Magazine

“Gloriously tuneful, genre-defying, utterly irresistible. I’m still finding it seductive and charming, the appeal just doesn’t fade” – fRoots Magazine


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